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HVAC Recommissioning For Energy Savings

posted Sep 15, 2014, 7:32 PM by Dan Swanson, PE   [ updated Sep 16, 2014, 11:01 AM ]
Vista Engineers have successfully managed and implemented HVAC Recommissioning Projects at Colorado businesses that have saved over:
  • 5 million KWh/yr of Electricity
  • 50,000 Dth/yr of Natural Gas
  • $500,000/yr of Utility Costs

What is Recommissioning?
  • A systematic evaluation to improve and optimize operations and maintenance
  • Recommissioning, also known as Retrocommissioning or RCx
  • A 'tune-up’ for the energy systems in an existing facility so they perform as optimally as possible AND to ensure that they continue to operate at this level during the life of the facility

Why Recommission?
  • Improve performance of existing buildings with the goal of:
    • Reducing energy consumption
    • Improving system performance
    • Improving occupant comfort
    • Cost savings
    • Good stewardship

When to Consider Recommissioning
  • Building systems > ~5 years old
  • Routine maintenance not performed in at least 3 years
  • Have problems maintaining appropriate temperatures
  • You have a BAS

Recommission Process

  • Identify buildings and systems 
  • Identify potential rebates
  • High level Recommissioning plan
  • Identify resources

  • Building walk down
  • Identification of viable Recommissioning measures
  • Baseline energy usage
  • Rebate applications (prior approval needed)
  • Detailed Recommissioning plan
  • Management Approval & Funding

  • Execution of plan
  • Commissioning and Qualification of changes

  • Verify energy savings
  • Complete rebate applications
  • On-going monitoring of buildings and systems

Contact Vista Engineering Group today to implement an HVAC Recommissioning at your facility today!